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CraniaTech is a market-leading IT software solutions company

Our success in delivering offshore IT development services has been built over almost twenty years of meticulously compiling customer-orientated solutions line by line. Our products range from routine solutions to key corporate applications. CraniaTech provides professional & technical consulting, software development, application testing and post-implementation support for applications and infrastructure to many leading global businesses. Our delivery model is a distributed one, which has evolved in line with the technological world. We now offer a blend of Lean and Agile methods in onshore and offshore software service delivery models. We apply a transparent and practical approach to service provision. We rely on a process-driven method, supported by technology that facilitates distributed environments. Our team of custom software development specialists is consummate professionals who are capable of providing successful solutions to the complex problems of our global clientele. We are proud and passionate perfectionists.

As CraniaTech develops into a leading global IT outsourcing services provider, we know that our key success factors are:

  • Our talented team
  • Our valued clientele
  • Our focus on delivery excellence
  • Our software outsourcing company ethos.


Our Talented Team

Our software development project team is our key asset. We believe that combining superior technical expertise with a soundly-organized delivery model gives CraniaTech a distinct advantage as the employer of choice in our local marketplace. From our earliest beginnings, CraniaTech established itself as an attractive employer for the best talent around the central and Eastern Europe region. We continue to attract the best people by offering a variety of training and development initiatives through local colleges and universities and we provide our employees with the very best tools and working practices. Almost 8,000 of CraniaTech’s associate employees now enjoy successful careers with many of the Fortune 500 and other leading software development client companies.

Our Valued Clientele

We realize that our clients are the backbone of our success and growth. From the outset, we differed from our competitors in that we began by providing high-end solutions and we placed significant emphasis on research and development. From our earliest inception, we were trusted by many well-established software companies to provide reliable solutions to the most complex and challenging requirements. Nowadays, our software engineering, as well as our research and development activities, spans many industries helping clients consolidate, transform and meet ever changing market trends, throughout varying economic climates. As CraniaTech has evolved and helped its clients through our profound knowledge and insightfulness, our client relationships have also developed into real partnerships based on mutual trust, respect and honesty. Many of our clients are now prestigious names in the IT, Media, Financial, Publishing and Travel industries and they know they can rely on us for all their software development outsourcing requirements.

Our Focus on Delivery Excellence

Since our foundation, our keen focus on service delivery has never faltered, no matter how much our technologies, methodologies or capabilities have developed. In designing our delivery model, we didn’t just rely on traditional outsourcing practices. We especially designed our services to meet the specific needs of clients across every industry and continent in a way that ensured consistent world-class quality in every possible type of IT application and infrastructure deliverable. The processes and technologies which CraniaTech employs were designed to support the highest levels of transparency and cooperation within our own teams and between our own software outsourcing company and our clients’ businesses. Our project management methods are suitable for a wide range of delivery options including Lean Software Development and Agile methods, all of which add excellent value to our client projects.

Our software outsourcing company Ethos

Throughout the successful history of our software outsourcing company, CraniaTech has continually developed its capacity to deliver high-end technical platforms and complex business solutions. We have applied specialized focus to verticals and the formation of strategic, collaborative partnerships and we have optimized our software development expertise to make our brand a recognized one in central and Eastern Europe. Over the past few years, our IT software outsourcing company has continued to grow at a momentous rate and we are notable indeed in offshore hot spots for the superior quality and sophistication of our IT services and solutions.

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