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Cloud Computing Software – Answers at CraniaTech

Businesses and other organizations have all heard of cloud computing software but have little understanding of what it actually is. Cloud computing, however, is revolutionizing IT practices, however, and cloud computing software architecture is certainly becoming the most efficient method by which enterprises of all types can operate.

What is Cloud Computing?

Think of a “cloud” as a huge electrical grid, providing energy to a huge amount of consumers. Grids are not housed in consumers’ locations, but, rather, at a centralized location. Likewise a “cloud” is a server that functions, not with hardware that has specific software and apps loaded into it, but, rather through a web-based infrastructure. Basically, instead of having a mainframe, as has been traditional, the server exists in the grid, and individuals can access the cloud computing software they need, when they need it, by accessing the “cloud” through the Internet. This allows virtually unlimited access by members of an organization to use various cloud computing software as it is needed. The beauty of cloud computing software development is that it can be accessed from anywhere, because no permanent software is installed on a PC, laptop or mobile device.Everyone is probably already using open source cloud computing software because to access Google of Facebook, one is accessing a public cloud. No actual software has been installed on one’s computer or mobile device – access is internet-based. Why Cloud Computing Software is Beneficial to Organizations

Any organization or enterprise can benefit from cloud computing software. First, the software is accessed via the Internet and can be used at any time by anyone. Cloud computing software companies can develop a private cloud which only members of the organization can access, a managed cloud which can be accessed by individuals within the organization as well as permission-based outsiders, or a public cloud, accessed by anyone. There are also converged solutions that allow and organization to build a cloud service on-site as well as consume off-site services through managed or public clouds. For example, a company may want to build an on-site cloud that serves to allow access to information and data, via the web, for only employees of the company. On the other hand, there may be a desire to have access to a pubic cloud, for Microsoft Office, for example. The Microsoft software would not be accessed through downloaded software on each PC or mobile device but, rather, be accessed through a public cloud. When individuals need to use Microsoft Office applications, they simply go online, use the software, and then, when finished, exit.

Customized solutions Through CraniaTech

The best cloud computing software solutions can be found at CraniaTech. Our specialists can provide a free consultation to help you create a cloud environment appropriate for your business goals and needs. We will provide a proposal that will meet your goals and needs as well as recommend the important cloud computing security software that you will need to protect your information and data. Contact CraniaTech today and discover what our cloud computing software experts can do for your organization! We will move to a new level of productivity and provide the training for effective use by all employees.

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