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How can financial services institutions continue to operate “on top” in a global market with more discerning consumers who have a continual supply of choices for their banking and investment providers?

How can financial services institutions anticipate and analyze the needs of consumers in every city and country in which they do business? And how can financial services professionals efficiently individualize customer experiences?

The answer, of course, is the correct financial management software- software that can quickly and perfectly execute activities that will address the regulations, consumer demographics, and unique banking and investment practices of citizens of a community. Financial services software becomes critical to the operation and the profits of any financial and/or investment concern that depends upon financial system software to operate within its consumer niches.

Transformation through financial software must address the following:

  • Financial software products must be customized for the individual, the broker, financial advisor, or banking/investment institution. Trends analyses, forecast reports, and the ability to fully analyze a client’s financial situation, including recommendations for general and specific investment strategies, are just some of the financial software applications that will move the traditional generalized customer experience to a uniquely individualized one.
  • Banking software that provides the security and accuracy required for account maintenance, as well as scalability to add new products and benefits to customers.
  • Full accounting services for ecommerce businesses, to include cost of goods sold, analysis of pricing parameters, generated recommendations for pricing, accounts receivable tracking on a daily basis, billing, short and long term budget forecasting, quarterly reports, full IRS filing activities, and more.
  • For other enterprises, a full range of financial accounting and management software is available, as well as customized software for financial analysis, in order to make solid decisions related to financial goals.
  • Portfolio and banking tools and utilities that support active customer roles and access.
  • Life cycle management of GRC requirements that ensure compliance and security

CraniaTech welcomes all inquiries and is happy to provide profiles of clients with whom we have worked. Further, we are happy to provide “tours” of our products, so that potential customers may engage in a financial software review before requesting a free consultation.

The financial software market is huge, and locating financial software online is an easy endeavor. However, pre-packaged software programs may not, in fact, satisfy the needs of organizations whose functions have uniqueness. The “one size fits all” nature of pre-packaged financial software is not the most cost-effective solution in the long run. What customization from CraniaTech provides are perfect solutions for unique needs and the ability for the software to evolve as the organization does.

Contact CraniaTech and speak with one of our consultants, review examples of our financial software and case studies of our performance, and receive a free consultation.

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