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As businesses take off and begin to grow, computer systems will need software support maintenance to help keep operations more functional, stable and error-free. Software development and support are key elements for success in the business world. The quality of one's software support team is of the essence.

Businesses need tech support software that is simple and that all employees can use without extensive training. IT maintenance is an important part of what CraniaTech does to help make businesses better

Our technical maintenance services include the technical expertise to quickly analyze and assess business needs. Our management team is strong, and we have the best infrastructure, the commitment, matured processes, dedication and highest quality standards to make a huge impact on how your business operates.

Software support, however, is not all that we do. Our software support maintenance team can also provide improvement, patches and upgrades, monitoring, enhancements, administration, changes, as well as release management.

Our dedicated software maintenance team is well-equipped to deliver a combination of both development services and application maintenance. We utilize real-life project experience and advanced education that can handle any challenge that comes along.

CraniaTech provides a wide range of software support maintenance depending on your business needs.


  • Maintenance: Regularly scheduled updates and preventative maintenance.
  • On-going Support: Bug fixes, issue analysis, hot fix releases, resolution
  • Incident Management, Workaround provision, Fault Investigation, diagnosis,
  • Management of release
  • Application Enhancements: Implementation of new functionality and features of the application
  • Adaptive Enhancements: modifications to support business /changes
  • Technical Improvement: restructuring, optimization and rewriting

Resolution and response times depend on what level the PR (Problem Request) is given.

The three different levels are:


  • Severity Level 1: This level of security occurs when the system is malfunctioning or has gone down. It must be a situation in which the malfunction or down time has a severe impact on the client's business. Response time is within one hour. We assert every effort to resolve any problem that arises in one business day.
  • Severity Level 2: This level of security occurs when a business system is malfunctioning and has an impact on our client's business. However, in this instance, workarounds are available. Depending on the problem, response time is from 4-24 hours. The complexity of the malfunction determines the resolution time.
  • Severity Level 3: This level of security occurs when a system does not have a significant on the client's business. Response time is within 24 hours. The time needed in which to resolve the problem depends upon the complexity of the problem.
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